Poster for the stepPARFUMS

Not so long ago I have created a poster for the stepPARFUMS company, which offers perfumery from Switzerland, Germany, the United Arab Emirates along with their own production.

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Redesign: “Dmytro Shteflyuk’s Home”

Some time ago my husband Dmytro Shteflyuk asked me to redesign his blog. He said that it would be perfect if his site would have modern and clean style. There are several requirements has been approved: three-columns layout, block with links to recent readed articles, light and clean graphics. I finished it last week and presenting it in my blog (click on logo to view whole page).

Dmytro Shteflyuk's Home logo

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Web 2.0 style buttons: PSD sources

In my previous article I have explained how to create modern looking glass buttons in Aqua style (right, today we are calling it Web 2.0 style, but this is just terminology issue). The article became very popular, and there are a lot of people digged it. But many people asked to upload PSD sources of buttons presented in article, because of hardship with Photoshop. Here you can find PSD files and use them without any restrictions anywhere.

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Web 2.0 style buttons

Nowadays Web 2.0 style becomes more popular. Every day tons of sites which has simple, bright and very interesting things, appear in Network. There are no standards about creating any Web 2.0 elements, but we have several typical features, for example and clean colors, many gradients.

Today I want to show you how to create Web 2.0 styled button using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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Technical Video – Great resource of knowledge

I think, everybody knows, that books is the best source of knowledge for people. But nowadays there is one very efficient and great source of knowledge and experience sharing – video. Especially if this video has been created by professionals in your field of interests.

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