Highlight photo elements using glaring color

I love effect when some element on grayscale photo is highlighted using bright color, for example lips or eyes color on the face, without changing element texture. I want to show how to do this in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

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Using Blend Tool in Adobe Illustrator for creating watermark effect

Some time ago I neede to create some diploma with watermark elemets. I puzzled how to do this a long time, and found solution finally, it’s not so hard. Now I wanna to share my experience with community.

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eBay/rss design

I’m glad to present you my new work. This is very lite design for eBay/rss site which intended to syndicate eBay search results to RSS feeds.


GrandInstrument design

Today I’ve finished working on design for GrandInstrument company’s site which sells tools for auto.


URL of the site: www.grandinstrument.com.


Welcome to my home page. There will be some interesting posts about me, and my works.

This is my first experience therefore you shouldn’t concern prejudicially.